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Your Travel Must Haves ;)

How to pack to avoid mess in your suitcase... and enjoy your trip? :) Tutaj możesz przeczytać ten tekst po polsku! ;) Packing has never been a problem for me. I actually enjoy packing! It […]

Hiking in the USA!

I love hiking. I love to feel so pleasantly tired after an exhausting walk. Now when I have a daughter my hikes are different, usually they’re slower (when she walks all by herself) or […]

Who is an American?

Americans love to be Americans. They are proud of that. After all it’s the best country in the world! However, each individual will say that he or she, personally, is unlike other Americans. He […]

Od Nowego Jorku do San Francisco…

Tutaj znajdziesz ten artykuł po angielsku. Amerykański sen, czyli podróż z Nowego Jorku przez Las Vegas, pustynie, skały, kaniony, góry i doliny do San Francisco w liczbach: 30 dni […]

From New York City to San Francisco…

American dream: a journey from New York City through Las Vegas, deserts, rocks, canyons, mountains and valleys to San Francisco in numbers: 30 days 20 727 km in air 4 810 km on land 6 […]

Why didn’t I hail a cab in New York City?

Tłumaczenie i ćwiczenia do tego tekstu, jak i inne teksty dotyczące USA znajdziesz w 30-dniowym kursie językowym #USAchallenge, dowiedz się więcej tutaj! When you are in New York City, you […]

Lodging in the USA, continued.

You can learn about a new place when you stay in a hotel. After all, you can leave the room and go to the museum, to the park, to the steet or to the local market. You can meet with other people, […]

Lodging… where to stay in the USA?

On day 8 during the #USAchallenge I asked you what kind of lodging you prefer when you go on vacation. Some of you like to stay in comfortable 5-star hotels, some of you enjoy being close to nature […]

The beach was too sandy…

These are actual complaints received by "THOMAS COOK VACATIONS" from dissatisfied customers... Any comments? :) 1. "On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every […]

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