Przemiana Językowa | Sylwia

Odczuwasz w głębi siebie pragnienie, by mówić po angielsku płynnie? Bez zastanawiania się, jakiego słowa albo czasu użyć?

Sylwia jest 23-letnią studentką, która przystąpiła do programu Przemiany Językowej, by elastycznie i swobodnie posługiwać się angielskim w każdej sytuacji! Pomimo nauki od szkoły podstawowej nie była usatysfakcjonowana z efektów, co umacniało jej decyzję.

Dowiesz się:

  • jak uczyła się Sylwia,
  • jaki sposób nauki sprawiał jej największą przyjemność,
  • ile uczyła się każdego dnia,
  • czego się nauczyła,
  • jak wygląda nauka na Vagaru i wielu innych

Przede wszystkim zobaczysz progres, jaki zrobiła! Różnicę w sposobie wypowiadania się, układaniu zdań, wymowie…

Możesz również skorzystać z wersji podcast:


(transkrypt obrazuje słowa Sylwii, nie zwracaj proszę uwagi na błędy, ale na progres, jaki zrobiła 🙂 ) 

Przed rozpoczęciem Przemiany Językowej:

Hi everyone. My name is Sylwia and I’m a little nervous but here we go. I’m 23 years old. I’m from Poland and I’m a student. I’m studying at the University of Białystok for my MSc in Economics and Law. Also, I work in the account office. I’d like to add that I have a full time studies. In my free time I love reading books and going to the GYM. I’m interested in healthy eating. How about my English? I’ve been learning English since primary school. It seems that a long time but my English is still not good. After 3 month I’d like to use English fluently. I wish I that I could make my sentences correctly. Also, I want to increase my vocabulary. And the most important thing for me is that I’d can use the language effectively and flexibly in every situation. Finally, I’m sorry for all my mistakes but I promise tomorrow and every single day I will be better than yesterday. Wish me good luck!

Po ukończeniu programu:

Hello everybody! The first thought which comes to my mind is that it’s funny how times lives by without we noticing. I’m coming back after 3 months. I’d like to share my experience and some information with you. Briefly. My name is Sylwia, I’m 23 years old. I’m studying at the University of Białystok. I’ve been learning English since primary school but I must admit that I learnt on Vagaru twice as much as at school. My last 3 months was very productive and lovely. My daily meetings on Vagaru became a habit. I practiced every single day by one hour. My favourite exercises are movies, songs and revisions. The good option is program which is called Memrise because we have there all new words and we can review them at all times. I’d like to add that the good way is recording yourself. Trust me. It’s very useful and it helps to accustom to your voice in foreign language. Moreover,  I learnt a lot of new interesting stuff. The topics of lessons are varied so everyone can find something for yourself. Without any problems I can rent a car on holiday, rent an apartment, talk about sensor ship, ideal vacation spot, procrastination, spices and much more. The best lesson which I kept in my mind is about call idioms. I’ll give you an example: you’re just giving me the cold shoulder, which means you are really unfriendly. And one more: I’m totally snowed under at work, which means im totally overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. When it comes to my progress, personally my English is much better than before – but of course still in progress. What is the most important, I became more open-minded, I speak more fluently and in a confident way. Also, I improved my pronounciation. For sure, I’d like to continue 3 months English transformation because I know that learning language is a long process. Also, I believe that the best investment is in yourself. But if you are still confused or maybe petrified or maybe don’t know how to start, I recommended you learning with Vagaru. Definitely there are only advantages. First of all, you have daily connection with English, you can choose a place and time – I mean when you’d like to learn and how much time you’ve got. The best of the best is that you have meetings with Native Speakers straight from NYC. By the way Hyman is very optimistic and energetic person, even you said something wrong, its nothing to him. You’ll hear only “beautiful” or “nicely speaking”. Moreover, very important is revision. There is one day when you need to use your knowledge in practice. We are learning here by kind of fun. We’re watching and listening, sometimes even singing. Personally I think that Vagaru is the best project and the way to learn English.

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