What you didn’t know about California…

I knew about it before I came to visit California. I only didn’t realize the problem was so serious.

conserve (pronunciation) – to keep and protect from damage, change or waste – oszczędzać

To conserve electricity, you should cut down on electricity.
I’m conserving my energy for later, let me relax!

tap water – woda z kranu
upon request – na życzenie
California has entered the fourth year of a drought. Residents are asked not to waste severely diminished water resources on swimming pools. Californians are majorly cutting back on their water usage.

You can notice dead and dying trees in national parks. Those trees add to the flammability of a landscape that is threatened by large, intense wildfires.

You can feel it in the air, it’s very hot and all green lawns & trees have turned yellow & brown. In American restaurants it is common to  be served with a glass of ice cold tap water just after you take your seat and are about to order your meal. It’s for free of course.

You won’t get this tap water in restautants in California, though. If you want one, you must ask and it will be brought to you.

To be honest with you, I don’t drink such super cold water (tap water!) so I actually never drank it=I wasted it. I guess many people simply don’t drink it. If they gave me hot water instead, that’d be a different kettle of fish 🙂 Why hot water? I’ll write another post about it! 🙂

Tłumaczenie i ćwiczenia do tego tekstu, jak i inne teksty dotyczące USA znajdziesz w 30-dniowym kursie językowym #USAchallenge, dowiedz się więcej tutaj!

I had to share this photo with you 🙂


residents – mieszkańcy
severely – poważnie
diminish – pomniejszyć
cut back on sth – oszczędzać na czymś
water usage – zużycie wody
flammability – łatwopalność, zapalność
threatened by – zagrożony przez
wildfire – niekontrolowany ogień
waste – marnować
a different kettle of fish – inna para kaloszy ​

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