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23/30 – trial and error

Time for DAY 23!

I hope you’ve already mastered all the words so far, haven’t you? 🙂

trial and error (pronunciation trial pronunciation error) – a way of achieving an aim by trying a number of different methods and learning from the mistakes that you make – metodą prób i błędów

There’s no instant way of finding a solution – it’s a process of trial and error.

Question 1: What situations have you tried to solve by trial and error? Please write your answers in your comments below or on the wall of the event!

Pytanie 1: Jakie sytuacje rozwiązałeś metodą prób i błędów? Napisz swoje odpowiedzi w komentarzach poniżej lub na ścianie wydarzenia na Facebooku!

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3 lat temu

I try to prevent situations, which can be solved by trial ad error only. But once, when my car had gone off during the trip, I’ve found the problem by trial and error way of act.

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