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Dzień 14/30: #USAchallenge

It’s a beautiful Sunday today so I won’t be taking too much of your time folks.. 🙂

Here’s a word I came across many times while I was travelling around for thousands of miles! 🙂

ped x-ing – which stands for – pedestrian crossing – przejście dla pieszych

This sign is located in the place where pedestrians are tempted to cross, but should instead look for and use a crosswalk:

crosswalk (przejście dla pieszych)

What’s the difference?

crosswalk usally has painted white lines on the road where pedestrians may cross (bear in mind that ped x-ings may also have painted white lines).

PS. There are other pedestrians, too! 🙂

Time for you to practise!
Do you use crosswalks or ped x-ings whenever you want to cross the street? What is the fine for crossing the street in the wrong places?

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