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Dzień 25/30: #USAchallenge

DAY 25/30

fabulous (pronunciation) – extremely good, incredible, marvelous, purely imaginary/known about only through myths and legends – fantastyczny, bajkowy, niewiarygodny

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 🙂 This text as well as colorful slot machines welcome you right after you get off your plane in McCarran Airport 🙂

The Sin City is calling you! 😉 It’s tempting every step of the way…

KitschyFilthyCrime-ridden? Beautiful? Some people say it’s a big Disneyland for adults in the middle of the desert. Is it?

Go and figure it out for yourself! 🙂

But before you go, be careful not to listen to what others tell you! Just be open for a completely new experience! 🙂 I was prepared for the worst. All people who went there told me that LV is a waste of time. Just one person said that I was gonna love it. Trust me, I had mixed feelings about this place!

The city is definitely unique! 🙂 Ohhhhh it is unlike any city in the world. And nope, it’s not only for adults! My daughter had lots of fun there.

Las Vegas was built for entertainment. The awe-inspiring city you travel to in order to simply HAVE FUN. There’s literally nothing around the city but a huge desert. The temperatures are freaking hot. Well, for me personally, 38 degress at about midnight means really hot.

The Sin City is a massive entertainment industry. If you are not sure what consumption is, then you should go there and you will know right away. People spend thousands and millions of dollars there…

wandered around the Strip at night, I saw quite a few free shows, I met a few locals (yeah, there are people who actually live & work there, there’s even a university 🙂 I felt the energy of this legendary place shown in so many movies, I saw those little chapels in which you can get married and you know what? 🙂

I can’t agree it’s kitschy. It’s authentic and unique… If LV is kitschy, then the whole country is kitschy… 🙂

I was there twice and I stayed in two different apartments. One of them was located in the suburbs of LV. The neighbourhood was dirty and ugly… Don’t ask me if it was dangerous because nothing bad happened to us. I only experienced lots of help and friendliness from the local people.

It was more like a backstage of Las Vegas where all people working in this entertainment business live. And this place has nothing to do with all the glitter and gold and luxury of the Strip.

I am so grateful for being able to experience LV from two different angles. I learnt that you should always form your own opinion after you visit a place or meet a person. Appearances can be deceptive!

Tekst po polsku znajdziesz w e-booku!

get off your plane 
– wysiąść z samolotu
the Sin City – Miasto Grzechu
kitschy – kiczowaty
filthy – brudny
crime-ridden – z wysokim poziomem przestępczości
desert – pustynia
figure it out – zorientować się, zrozumieć
awe-inspiring – budzący podziw (i czasem strach)
freaking – bardzo, cholernie
chapel – kaplica
wander around – włóczyć się
authentic (pronunciation)
neighbourhood – dzielnica, okolica
backstage – zakulisowy
glitter – blask
from two different angles – z dwóch różnych perspektyw
appearances can be deceptive (don’t judge a book by its cover) – pozory mylą (nie osądzaj książki po okładce)

1. Create a sentence with todays word.
2. Have you ever been to LV? What do you think about it? If not, would you like to visit it?

This is the Strip from the distance… 🙂 Can you recognize it?

This is what you see for many miles when you leave LV.

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