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Dzisiaj us艂yszysz ca艂y dialog w restauracji, otrzymasz r贸wnie偶 transkrypcj臋 dialogu, kt贸ry sk艂ada si臋 z wyra偶e艅, kt贸rych uczy艂e艣 si臋 przez ostatnie 2 tygodnie聽Wyzwania. Daj zna膰 jak podoba艂o Ci si臋 wyzwanie… 馃槈

Bardzo dzi臋kuj臋 wszystkim, kt贸rzy wzi臋li udzia艂 w Wyzwaniu! 馃檪 Mam nadziej臋, 偶e dobrze si臋 bawili艣cie, a osoby wygrane wykorzysta艂e smaczne nagrody! 馃檪

Wyzwanie 聽#YummyChallenge聽odby艂o si臋 dzi臋ki naszej wsp贸艂pracy z聽PizzaPortal.pl聽馃檪 Wielkie dzi臋ki ekipie PizzaPortal za super wsp贸艂prac臋!

Prosz臋, oto ca艂y dialog 馃檪

A: Good morning! 馃檪 How are you today?
B: I鈥檓 good! How are you?
A: Great! Follow me, I鈥檒l show you to your table.聽Here you go. Would you like anything to drink?
B: Thanks,聽I鈥檇 like to take a look at the menu first.
A: Absolutely.聽Here鈥檚 your menu.
B: Okay,聽I鈥檒l have聽a glass of water, please.
A: Sure!聽Would you like聽still or sparkling?
B: Still, please.聽Could you add a slice of lemon?
A: Of course. I鈥檒l be back with your water in a minute.

after a minute

A: Here鈥檚 your water.聽Are you ready to order?
B: Well,聽what would you recommend?
A: Definitely the pepper steak.
B: Alright then, I鈥檒l have the聽steak聽with fries聽for the main course聽and a caesar salad聽for a starter.
A: Sure, how would you like your steak?
B:聽Medium rare, please.
A: Of course.
B: Could I also have a bottle of聽dry red wine, please?
A: Sure. I鈥檒l be back with your order in a minute.

after a few minutes

A: Here is your salmon. Do you need anything else?
B: I鈥檓 sorry but聽this is not what I鈥檝e ordered.聽I asked for a medium rare steak!
A: Oh I am so sorry! I will be back with your steak聽in a flash.
B: Thank you!
A:聽Here you are.聽Again I am very sorry.
B: That鈥檚 fine. Thanks.

after a few minutes

A: Is everything alright?聽Are you enjoying your meal?
B:聽To be honest, this is the best steak I鈥檝e eaten in my entire life.聽
A: I鈥檓 so glad to hear that!

after a few more minutes

A: I would like to offer you a hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream聽for dessert. This is our聽house specialty.
B: I鈥檒l try that 馃檪 And I鈥檇 also like to have a cup of double espresso, please.
A: Great. I am sure you will love it.

B:聽Can I have the bill,聽please?
A: How would you like to pay?
B: Do you聽accept credit cards?
A: Sure. I鈥檒l go and get the payment terminal.
A: Here you are. Enter your pin number here, please.聽
B: Thank you.
A: Thanks for visiting us. Hope to see you soon.
B: Next time I鈥檒l take my friends with me 馃檪 Have a good evening!
A: Have a great evening, too!

Pobierz聽dialog w restauracji po angielsku MP3聽i rozwijaj sw贸j angielski podczas biegania, spaceru lub drogi do szko艂y lub pracy 馃檪

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