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Dzień 2/30: #USAchallenge

Hey! 🙂 How’s your day? 🙂 Today is the second day of our #USAchallenge. Remember to take an active part in it! 😉

Hej! 🙂 Jak Twój dzień? 🙂 Dzisiaj drugi dzień naszego wyzwania #USAchallenge. Pamiętaj, żeby aktywnie brać udział! 🙂 

Today there’ll be lots of trash and garbage and litter… wow! They all sound so similar, don’t they? 🙂

Dzisiaj będzie dużo o śmieciach, odpadach… i różnicach między synonimami! 🙂

The picture was taken in the subway in NYC.

Here’s what they mean!

litter (pronunciation) –  pieces of small things such as paper, cans, bottles that are left in public areas (śmieci, odpadki leżące w miejscach publicznych)

trash (pronunciation), garbage (pronunciation) (American English) – things you throw away because you don’t want them (śmieci)
*meaning number 2: find it in an e-book.

In The USA there’s a difference:

  • garbage is used for waste from the kitchen („wet” waste)
  • trash is all things like paper and packaging („paper” waste)

Litter is trash, but trash isn’t litter. Litter is trash left on the ground or other places besides the garbage.

In the USA we throw away trash and garbage to trash cans or garbage cans. 

In the USA there are also litter bins, which are small containers in the street or other public places where you can put litter.

rubbish (pronunciation)- British English word for trash/garbage

In the UK we throw away rubbish to a (dust)bin. There’s also a wheelie bin, the modern dustbin with wheels 🙂

There is even a more formal word for rubbish/trash/garbage:

refuse (pronunciation)

Your task for today:

1. Do you take your time and recycle?
2. Create a sentence with one (or more) of today’s words.

Twoje zadanie na dzisiaj:

1. Czy segregujesz śmieci?
2. Stwórz zdanie z jednym (lub więcej) słówek z dzisiaj.

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3 lat temu

Unfortunatelly, I just recycle a plastic trash. I wanna recycle every rubbish, but in my housing estate there is just one garbage track, which take every cans together and for this moment I think it makes no sense… By the way, I really don’t uderstand why people left a litter on the streets, it’s so annoying.

Mów swobodnie, myśl po angielsku i odkrywaj z nami świat!