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Dzień 27/30: #USAchallenge

Somewhere in Little Italy in NYC… I had to check if ice cream tastes like in Italy 😉
take out  (pronunciation) – a meal cooked and bought at a shop or a restaurant but taken somewhere else, often home, to be eaten – na wynos

And you know what? 🙂 It was good, very good (when compared to American ice cream).

But NOTHING compared to those enormous and scrumptious  scoops of ice cream I was devouring in Puglia & Salento in Italy!!!!! Now, this post made my mouth water and I’m going to dream about going back to the far south of Italy…

This is Little Italy in the heart of New York City:

compared to 
– w porównaniu do
enormous – ogromny
scoop – gałka
devour – pożerać
make your mouth water – sprawić, że ślinka cieknie
scrumptious – przepyszny

Do you like ice cream? 😀 What’s your favourite flavor? 🙂
Do you ever eat takeout food?

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