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Dzień 15/30: #USAchallenge

Who would have thought… that „hipster” economy was powering New York…

Who is a hipster?

hipster (pronunciation) a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream – hipster

Did you know that….

Vegan ice cream (yeah, dairy-free vegan ice cream turned out to sell better than traditional ice cream!), glutenfree bread and homemade salsas are giving a boost to food manufacturing in NYC. Many of these young companies were started by young entrepreneurs during the recession. What’s more, those hipster businesses add more to the economy by paying their employees just above minimum wage. They are developing rapidly and need city support to grow.

I was simply stunned by the number of organic, vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free products available all over the Big Apple. In grocery stores there were literally tons of eco products, they were all fresh & delicious. There’s a huge selection of restaurants & cafes serving eco products. I must admit I loved it!

A few years ago I discovered where all my health issues came from. I cut down on eating diary and gluten. Immediately I stopped having stomachaches. I felt more energy & got rid of all those nasty allergies.

I’d definitely go for vegan ice cream if such were to buy here in Poland!

 – bez nabiału
vegan – wegański
a boost – wzrost
entrepreneur (pronunciation) przedsiębiorca
wage – płaca, zarobki
develop rapidly – szybko się rozwijać
stunned by – zaszokowany
the Big Apple – Wielkie Jabłko (Nowy Jork)
health issues – problemy zdrowotne
stomachaches – bóle brzucha
go for sth – wybrać coś, sięgnąć po coś

Tekst po polsku znajdziesz w e-booku.

Time for you to practise:
Do you think such food businesses should be supported by the city?
What do you thinkabout gluten-free & vegan products?

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