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Dzień 22/30: #USAchallenge

Imagine you want to do shopping. You are about to pull the door handle when you see this:

It’s not very common in Poland, is it? 🙂
(I will be) back in a flash – be back very quickly/immediately – wracam za sekundkę

run (ran – run) – pobiec

Escalante, a small town in Utah. A very small town, actually, but you can get network coverage there!
One grocery store and one eco-store. It’s hot outside, my daughter is sleeping in the car, so my husband gets out and heads for the store to do some shopping. He’s back in about 30 seconds and he can’t help laughing. He is bursting into gales of laughter for the next 5 minutes until he finally tells me that he can’t buy the apples because the guy… went to feed the horse!


So we waited patiently for a few minutes and a woman came back! 🙂 The horse was happy & full up and we could buy our apples and water 🙂

Yeah, Utah is a place where horses are everywhere, on every ranch, in every house I guess (especially Boulder and Escalante area).

Tekst po polsku znajdziesz w e-booku.

pull the door handle 
– pociągnąć za klamkę
network coverage – zasięg
head for – zmierzać w kierunku, iść
can’t help laughing – nie może przestać się śmiać
burst into gales of laughter – wybuchać salwami śmiechu

Create a sentence with today’s expression.

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