6 things successful people do to fulfil their dreams

We all have dreams… but why does not everyone follow their dreams? Instead ofgoing for a dream we stay idle and come up with excuses for why our dreams are not possible, don’t we?

I am going to share the secret habits of highly successful people with you today. Your time has come and TODAY you can start pursuing your dreams. Just learn how to do it.

Are you ready? 🙂

1. They rise and shine!

They are early risers, which means they get up at dawn! Getting up at 5 AM has tons of life-changing benefits, which I am going to write in another article. It’s widely believed that the first hour is the rudder of the day. If you’re sluggish or haphazard in your actions during the first hour after you wake up, you are likely to have a fairly sluggish and unfocused day. On the other hand, if you do your best to make the first hour productive, the rest of the day is bound to follow suit.

2. They stick to a plan!

They always start their day with a plan. Successful people know the importance of daily goals. In fact, they set small realistic goals which they accomplish one by one to eventually make their dreams come true.

3. They are active.

They do sports, every single day. They are aware of the importance of an active body for an active mind. Yoga, running, fitness, gym or simply a few jumping jacks and push-ups in the morning.

4. They are positive.

They surround themselves with positive, like-minded people. They have faith in themselves. When undergoing rough patches in their lives, the focus on positive aspects only.

5. They take risks.

Getting out of their comfort zone is their bread and butter. Taking risks is getting out of your comfort zone. If you are afraid to do it, you actually risk never reaching your dream.

6. They never give up.

Successful people never quit. They always think of their end goal  and are determined to achieve it especially when difficulties crop up.

follow a dream/go for a dream/pursue a dream – podążać za marzeniem
idle – bezczynny
come up with excuses – znajdywać wymówki
rise and shine – wstawać pełnym energii (rise and shine! – pobudka! 🙂
the rudder – ster
sluggish – ospały, niemrawy
haphazard – chaotyczny
follow suit – pójść za przykładem
stick to a plan – trzymać się planu
set goals – określać cele
jumping-jacks – pajacyki
push-ups – pompki
like – minded – myślący podobnie
rough patches – trudny okres
bread and butter – chleb powszedni
get out of your comfort zone – wyjść poza strefę komfortu
give up/quit – poddać się
crop up – pojawić się

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