Hiking in the USA!

I love hiking. I love to feel so pleasantly tired after an exhausting walk.

Now when I have a daughter my hikes are different, usually they’re slower (when she walks all by herself) or more strenuous (when I carry her in a carrier or when I carry our backpack which is often less comfortable than my daughter in a carrier! :). Still, the hike itself as well as the place I reach afterwards are definitely worth it.

In America, there are tons of beautiful places in which you can take numerous hikes. Easy (wheelchair and buggy-friendly) or difficult ones.  You can choose literally anything.

During the trip I hiked quite a lot.

We did a very easy hike with our buggy around Grand Canyon South Rim.

Quite strenuous hike up to the Delicate Arch in Utah. The problem there was that we decided to go there at around noon when the sun was merciless. Whoever we met on our way up would say: „keep on going, it’s definitely worth it!”

It was….

The view was breathtaking…

We took hikes to places off the beaten path in Utah, too. Places which cannot be even found on a map (yeah, there are such places in the USA and trust me, they are amazing! 🙂 This 40-minute hike in the searing heat was quite dangerous (very steep rocks!), but just look what breathtaking view awaited us… The best part was that you could jump into that cool water! 🙂

We went off road to search for the Singing Canyon, one of the most beautiful slot canyons in Utah, which was located „around 12 miles from the main road” (there was only one road!), near Boulder Town. There were no signs, no tourists, just two people hanging around. We had to use our senses to find the canyon. We heard that local artits record their music in the canyon.

hike – piesza wycieczka, wędrówka
strenuous – wyczerpujący
buggy – wózek
merciless – bezlitosny
off the beaten path – poza utartym szlakiem
slot canyon – bardzo wąski kanion

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